Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Job...

I finally started my new job today, about 3 weeks later than I really expected. I'm not sure what the real hold up was, but involved lawyers, insurance and I'm sure money. No matter, I was able to start at 1pm today and had an interesting discussion with the PM and the Lead developer.

They are committed to making this development group one of the best in Wisconsin and they want me to be a pivotal player in this development. They want to hire 5 developers in the next few weeks. They have already have two others on board, they are needing IT to help with equipment and such.

We talked a lot about design and moving the application in the right direction. They have a developer in Colorado who phoned into our room and I got a chance to see the code he was working on. Not very good, but then again I expect that in most applications. Even when developers are well meaning a lot of bad code slips through the cracks as release dates are nearing and it needs to be done now.

It is going to be interesting working with them. I already warned them that I usually come with both guns blazing wanting to make the software better, but I believe my recent experiences has taught me to temper how I go about it. They responded that they welcome the input. Be careful what you wish for!

This could be a gold mine of opportunity for me. I think the goals, the conditions and the software that is wanting to be written has the potential to be really neat and exciting.

And I'll be able to post about something more than a file copy system!

Expect to hear more in the near future.

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